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May 13, 2008

Reconvening with Blogs from Admissions

No...we didn't vanish...just took a bit of a hiatus (due to writer's strike??) from the blog world. But we are still here, growing and busy in Admissions at Seton Hill. Actually, some of us grew more than others. Our wonderful past blogger, Ashley Hoffman is now MRS. Ashley Ralston and is enjoying her leave with her beautiful new daughter, Belle. (A lot happened around here in a year!)

So, as I step in to pick up where she left off, let me introduce myself. I am Tracey Bartos. I have been working with the Admissions Office here at Seton Hill University since August, 2007. I also am a grad student here in the MBA program. (and a bit of a nerd...I LOVE school, research, studying and the whole gambit!). Before my career change and entrance back into school as a student (my kids like to call it a "midlife crisis", I don't use the word "crisis"...."midlife"; well, that's pushing it too) I had been an elementary teacher and business owner for many years. I loved teaching (remember, I love school!) and I loved the business management, so it was time to combine the two and expand on the experience.

We are expecting approximately 330 deposited freshman for the upcoming 2008 Fall semester and have been dedicated to guiding the new students beyond their application and towards the start of their academic career. I attended my first Graduation Receptions last Friday. Graduation was held Saturday and the receptions were held throughout the school during Friday afternoon to congratulate the graduates and provide the opportunity for graduates, their families and faculty to socialize and celebrate the completion of degrees. Smiles of pride and satisfaction filled the many reception areas. Food was excellent (as always at Seton Hill !) and the enthusiasm, spirit and energy filled the rooms. What an exciting milestone! Some of our counselors actually recruited the students that were graduating and commented on how just 4 years ago, these young adults came in fresh, excited and yet uncertain of all that awaited them. Did they make the right choice of major? Did they pick the right school? Would they like their roommate? Would studying be impossible? Did they go too far (or too close) to home? Now, those questions are answered and exchanged with a new set of uncertainties and excitement. The Admissions Team "reception hopped" as we began in the Greensburg room with the Social Sciences Division, headed upstairs to the parlors for the Visual and Performing Arts, Humanities and Education Divisions, and ended in the library with the Natural and Health Sciences Division. I enjoyed socializing in all the receptions. But, what really impressed me was when we were talking with Sean Garrity, one of our graduating SHUSA members. He was explaining how he already has a great job lined up (accountant) and he was going to be traveling to LA for business ALREADY! How fantastic is that! To be graduating and be walking right into a great career! Now that is exciting!

I will close for today on that note. Our Admissions Team loves recruiting new students, introducing people to Seton Hill and all it has to offer, counseling during the admissions process...but, they don't drop the ball after that. The counselors and staff support the students and are always available along their degree pursuit at SHU and are proud to see their students graduate. So...from the Admissions Team.....CONGRATULATIONS 2008 GRADUATES!!!

Posted by TraceyBartos at May 13, 2008 4:00 PM


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