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June 27, 2008

Last day in BCN

I can´t believe that 5 weeks have gone by already! Today is my last day in Spain... A few days into the trip I remember thinking, `How am I going to do this??´ Obviously, I made it. And I had a blast and learned a LOT in such a short amount of time. My Spanish professor was really impressed with the oral part of my exam, which either means I did really well or my midterm oral part was just that bad. I´d like to think it´s the former, but who really knows. But for never taking Spanish before, ever, I even impressed myself. I learned a lot in my photography class, too, though not what you might expect. I learned the technical aspects, though a lot of that was review for me, and I developed and printed my own pictures in a darkroom, which was such a satisfying experience for me. But our photography professor isn´t a local, he´s only been here for 5 years, so he was really on our level in terms of being confused by the culture here. It was really nice to have someone you could go to when you saw something on the street you didn´t understand or needed a good place to eat that had comfort foods. Experiencing the people and places here firsthand and then having someone who was willing to sort of explain things to you made dealing with the culture shock here a lot easier, I think.

I really did some amazing things here, though. I was constantly surrounded by art, which I loved. I met really interesting people from all over the world. I stayed up all night on the beach during one of the biggest holidays in Spain. I learned how to speak (horrible, broken) Spanish. I saw all the tourist attractions and ate some awesome food. Some things I can´t even put into words. I´m just so happy I came, though.

But it will be nice to go back to the states. I´ve been struggling to figure out how I´m getting from the airport to my friend´s apartment in NYC, and I keep forgetting that when I get to the airport, I´ll have my cell phone and all the attendants and employees will speak English. I think it´s going to be really weird to land in London and see everything in English and be spoken to in English. It will be a nice change, but I will definitely be more sympathetic whenever anyone from another country tries to talk to me! I realize now how difficult it is to be in a place where everything is foreign and you can´t even ask for help. And my cell phone..! Yeah, I am very excited to have that back! I miss texting random things to friends or calling my sister just to see how her weekend was. I feel so out of the loop with American news and everything back home. And Seton Hill! So much is happening and I feel like I´m missing it or something. Katie Fritsch, my good friend from SHU, sent me a letter here with a list at the end of what she misses from school and she also included a copy of the Forward magazine. It was so nice to have a little piece of home, of school, and that made me realize how much I miss it all and how far away from it I really am. I would never complain about my time abroad, but I´m also not complaining about going home!

Well... congratulations if you made it through that entire entry =) Time to prepare for our going away party... I hope no one cries... Myself included!

Posted by LaraHeinz at June 27, 2008 6:54 AM


I can't wait to hear all about it! Can you post pictures for us?

Comment by: Tracey at July 11, 2008 3:02 PM

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