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In this article, they revealed how informal net speak is seeping into students' assignments. I must say I have done that before when typing assignments. I've left out some proper punctuation and used some text shortcuts, but through spell check I've corrected those mistakes before they made them to the desk of my teacher.

Normally, I have a social short-hand way of writing emails, texts, and posts to my friends. I even take notes in short-hand, text lingo. But, emails and papers to professors and employers get checked before they are sent out. To me, it's like the difference between writing a creative fictional story with fragmented sentences and writing a research paper or an essay.

But, like Professor Sterling, I don't think this is bad. Our world is constantly growing and changing. Speaking English in America is different than speaking English in England. Some in England find our way of speaking to be "slang" and not proper English.

I actually like hearing when a word has become so popular that it becomes a "real" word and is added to the dictionary.


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