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This article, though it is 3 years old, holds important information for students about privacy and sensitivity on the web. Although I feel that a college should not be able to punish a student for their speech on the internet (when it is not related to the school's website), it happens and students can kill a whole career in not keeping their private lives private.

Students should maintain a sense of sensitivity when blogging. Not to say they need to be politically correct, but just to be sensitive about people of different races, sexualities, and etc.. They can express their opinion without making fun or putting down another person.

Students should remember to keep their names clean on the internet. The less information about them up there, the better. Not only so stalkers can't take advantage of them, but so prospective employers won't find any slander reason not to hire them.

Bottom line: Be careful what you're attatching your name or face to on the Internet. Once it's up there, it's up there for forever. As Karl Formes put it, "If they present themselves as intelligent thinking human beings, they will be rewarded. If not, then they won't be."


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