Jolt Me, Baby!

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So I've seen some differences in web writing and print text because I did an intership last year on my manuscript. I put it on the Internet for reviews as I was editing it and I saw it in print text. I learned from that and as an frequent internet user that a lot of text can get boring and to keep my reader in mind. But, I never thought about the differences in types of websites depending on their purpose and who made them. 

The concept of a jolt is also new to me. I knew we lived in a fast-paced world where everything is at our fingertips "like an addiction", but I never thought of the satisfaction we get from it as a jolt. It kind of makes sense though. When someone comments on my blog, I get a little ping of happiness.

As for chapter one, I'm still kind of blurry as to what micro-film is. I know we have some in the basement of Reeves library so if I can't figure it out I guess I'll go look there for information.

Standard culture and interactive culture also provokes thought. I think that the web should be interactive and be a two-way message space. I hate simple advertisments and when I get on the web it's for instant access, answers to my questions, and interaction with others that have questions or information. I thought that was what the web was created for, right? To share information?

And, reading from a monitor takes longer? I'm not sure. We are almost in 2009 and I feel most of us have high-resolution computers (except for the ones the school uses). Many of us seem to have adapted to reading so much online. I also think that with any work that is your own it is harder to spot errors because you know what it is supposed to say so you skip over it. I do it all the time on and off computers. I think it' just that we use computers for so many assignments now. But, I do agree with limiting the amount of words to make it easier for your audience to read. It makes the eyes happier.



Jed Fetterman said:

I do not know that it is any easier to read from a monitor now. I still get a headache from reading all of these blogs to much, and I have discovered that my conatact lenses become super dry if I read too much on the internet. Plus, with a book you can go basically anywhere and get comfortable to read it, while computers are usually in a room full of artificial light with uncomfortable chairs.

Aja Hannah said:

I disagree with you Jed because I can get comfortable my computer almost anywhere like laying in bed. I have a laptop that has wireless connections. So maybe some of us can get comfy with books and the Internet now.

But, I don't have contacts and I dont spend that much time on the computer so my eyes don't hurt like yours do. I think you are right about resolution not being that good. I just had to remember. When I first started really using my computers my eyes would hurt (if I remember correctly) and I would get a headache if I was on long late at night. Maybe if you haven't used computers much before this class or not for long periods of time that would explain why your eyes havent adjusted yet.

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