Senator or Former?

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About the presentation today, I couldn't tell if Allen Kukovich was a former senator or a senator because the handout said former, but he was introduced as Senator Kukovich. Then , on the inside of the pamphlet he's referred to as Senator...(just wanted to point this out)

As for what he spoke about I actually didn't find it boring. At least not too boring. I'm not into politics or politicians and I have this idea of them as low-life liars out to get only for themselves. When he was introduced and all of his "accomplishments" were spoken about, I saw a smug smile on his face. (It increased my idea that I would hate what he was talking about.)

I'm not going to say he swayed my opinions about politicians, but as he spoke I didn't get the feeling that he was a politic. (We've all heard that poli means many and tic is a bloodsucking creature.) His speech stayed very much to the point and I even liked what he said about PA trying to go green and exploring renewable sources of energy. I also understand why he wants us to vote, but his idea that everyone should just get a voting card when they turn 18 is absurd to me. There are some uneducated people who, if given the chance, will ruin the purpose of voting. They won't know anything about the candidates or their postions. They will vote because of biases or predjudices. Or maybe they wont even be able to read and they'll check off the prettiest name.

I took some other notes too. I don't know what infrastructure is and why I should invest in it. It seemed like something really important. He talked about healthcare, education, and public transportation. All things I think should be invested in. Is that infrastructure? Does anyone know?



It's customary to refer to senators and presidents with their title even after they no longer hold the office.

Infrastructure would be bridges, highways, water treatment plants, or any of those major engineering projects managed by the government for the good of the whole society, rather than managed by corporations to make a profit.

Jed Fetterman said:

I agree with you on the subject of voter registration. I look around at some of the people my age, and wonder if they should be allowed to graduate high school, let alone choose our leaders, but there is no intelligence test to be able to vote. I think that the current system is fine the way it is, it is not mandatory to be registered to vote, but, at the same time, votes are not being suppressed either. The people who vote are the ones that care, and I think that's the way it should be.

Aja Hannah said:

I agree with you Jed. I don't think there should an intelligence test because even intelligent or informed people may not be able to pass it. Then, people would say it's racist or predjudice.

If we did have a test to vote, I think it would be that the voters would have to state a platform that one of the candidates has. Not necessarily one that they agree with, but one to show that they at least are informed on the issues.

Megan Ritter said:

The talk-radio host Neal Boortz thinks that everyone should have to pass the same citizenship test that immigrants do before being allowed to vote. It's a thought...

Aja Hannah said:

If they all had to pass the citizenship pass, then we'd be sure everyone that was voting was educated. Although, that test is really hard to pass. Maybe we should all have to pass our HSA's to vote.

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