The Effects of Kilian: Chapter 6

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I still do not enjoy this book. I understand that we should know how to write for a business online and the usability info was ok. But, for me, it's just really hard to get through and I don't know if I really retained any knowledge about this chapter. I need to go back into the book and read the subheadings to even remember.

What I did find helpful (probably the only thing) in this chapter was the idea of having too many webwriters. I hadn't thought of that problem before but I can see how it would affect some companies. I imagined the chaos and could even relate. I've been to some sites that clearly don't match each other when you change departments.

I'm glad the quiz tomorrow is on some things that I've already known how to do. That way I won't fail miserably.



Kevin Hinton said:

Personally, I think the book is set up like a website. Most people don't read through a website unless they're interested in the subject matter. That is why the organization in this book is important.

Alex Hull said:

I had the same issues with this chapter. I was confused and generally upset with the chapter.

Once I read Andy's blog, I understood the idea of having a webmaster. This controls the problem of having too many webwriters.

Maybe we'll have more luck in following chapters. And maybe not.

Aja Hannah said:

At the same time that this book is set up like a website (to find answers), I feel it is set up like a bad website also. It frequently uses long scrolling text and not many bulleted lists. But, at least, it uses sub-headings as dividers.

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