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In chapter three, I agree with the ideas of making every page look like an organzied, front page and to provide specific, organized navigational cues. I had wanted to make some of my navigation buttons pictures, but the book reminded me that not everyone may know that it is a navigation. I should find a picture that is specific. I also write Back for the Trackbacks to Jerz's page and for now that if fine. But, for my homepage it doesn't make much sense. If Google brings your readers straight to your Puebla page, a navigation link that says "Back to HomePage" doesn't make much sense.

"Deck" doesn't make much sense to me. I read it, reviewed it, and continued reading. I think I'll stick with the word blurb until I really get into print. Speaking of print, because of some newspaper experience last year, I understand the idea of hooks and headlines. Then, again, there was "keep your audience in mind."

I did, though, like the idea of clustering as a way to start organization. As many people will see I do a form of that with every website or blog I make, but I publish them before organizing and when (if) I have the time to go back and edit I will.

I think this book could use some "jolts." I'm tired of reading long pages of text with no bullets or sparse subheadings. It makes it feel so much longer.



Jackie Johns said:

Aja, if it's any help this is how I understood the difference between blubs and decks: A "blurb" is a short (a couple words to one sentence) description of a link that offers detail and/or explanation. A "deck" is similar in that adds detail or explanation, but it is longer than a blurb, maybe an entire paragraph. I think it also precedes longer pieces of text, rather than a single link.

But if I've got it all wrong, someone else feel free to correct me!

Daniella Choynowski said:

I recall one of Maddie's blogs had a picture that was a navigation button. I would have never clicked on it if she hadn't expliclt stated that it was a trackback. (by the way, how do you do that?)

Blurb is one of those words that has been used in different context, so I wasn't really sure of the true meaning of it. I think that a blurb is what you see when you open the yahoo homepage. Under the news section, there is a picture and one or two sentences teasing you to read the whole article. I think that a blurb is more useful as a hook, whereas a deck may be considered more of an annotation.

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