Where Am I?

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That's the sort of feeling I got while reading The Heist. The story is told in several different points of views, which interested me, but there are links during the story. If you do not finish the first chapter and click on another link, you may not understand what is happening.

This hypertext tale reminded me of what Kilian said about making each page look like a front-page otherwise readers may get lost. The style of the story was interesting, jumping from point-of-view to point-of-view and from scence to scene. (I may even try to mock this myself because I love trying new styles and twists in my writing.)

But, I could find no clear navigation and I was put off by the amount of links in a chapter. I felt I couldn't understand what order some "chapters" went in and I couldn't figure out (once I had clicked on link after link) how to get back to the original page I was on and finish that chapter.

I think this is because I like to read books that clearly have an order or that are in front of me so I can skip around, but still know where the previous page was. I did, though, like the how the homepage was set up. It gave the user an option to either dive right into the story or read an introduction to hypertext and this choose-your-own-story idea.



Alex Hull said:

I used the same exact phrase in my blog: "Where am I?" I was lost. There was no clear way to get through the story. Is one even expected to get through the entire story?

I love the idea of you attempting to mock this general technique. I would really like to read what you come up with.

Daniella Choynowski said:

There was so much jumping around. So many different characters and intertwining stories. "The Heist" was like "Crash", only not well done. The story was so confusing. Many of the links just told back story! There's too much back story!Exposition overkill.

I thought about what Killian said too. And how Sorells utterly failed at making his story non-confusing.

"The Heist" was like a virtual corn maze.

Aja Hannah said:

Is Crash online? Could you give me a link cause I'd like to look at it.

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