Why Not Me? Oh, the Reader...

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Oh, Chapter Two... In this chapter, I didn't learn much at all. What I got from it is to keep my reader in mind and to make sure my sites are understandable, professional, and actually do something. I'm not saying I could do this perfectly off the bat, but I just already that I should.

The only part I can say I learned from was the chunking or scrolling (and that is still part to keep your reader in mind). I enjoy chunking better and perhaps the full document as a link elsewhere if I want to read the whole thing or cite it as a source.

The "egophilia" part will also be hard for me. I have a very big ego and it may be hard not writing about myself and to talk to my imaginary reader.


The purpose of my page is an about me and what I think or what I want page! Awesome.


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