Wow. I Didn't Know I Did That Much

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In Writing for the Internet, I'm learning to write for the Internet, of course! That's what I thought when I first started anyway, but there is a lot more to it. I've learned how to write basic html and create a website ( I've also learned how to write a proper email to professors, employers, and basically adults. In and out of class, we've discussed articles on blogging, trolling, usenet, and the permanence of the Internet. In this blog, I'll be posting a portfolio of some of my good blogs and work as an assignment for class. I will  show my best works of coverage, timeliness, interaction, depth, and discussion.

In What Happens Online Stays Online? I quoted and linked back to an article where Erin Webster explained why his social life shouldn't be connected to his career life.

As for posting blogs online in a timely fashion, I'm proud to say a lot of mine are timely. But, if I have to choose, it would be Usenet What? and Castro's Assignment. Not to be Confused with Cuba. They are short and sweet, but they are posted a day (if not more) in advance and they prompted some first real comments.

For interacting with my peers, I'd like to link to Smile :) Or Frown :( because I had the most comments so far with that one even though the article wasn't that long. I must have said something interesting. Or maybe my title just rocked.

I'm going to use Everyone else is using it. Why aren't you? for my depth requirement. It was an essay-like article about a current event. I chose to write on the Wikipedia being taken an a real acedemic source.

Against my prior thoughts, I have been enjoying comments on other people's blogs. Recently, I left a lengthy comment on Alex Hull's Death to netiquette abusers! ...nah. blog and I sparked a conversation with classmates by commenting on Kevin's Do We Measure Our Lives in Sound Bites? blog.

I feel this may accuratly show my work in the last couple of weeks and this didn't take long at all.


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