Lifelong Frienemies: The Artist and The Man

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Between this portfolio and the last, I have found out about the struggle between The Artist and The Man. Throughout Kilian's book, I struggled against his idea of incorporating the corporation and limiting your personal voice. In the increasing electronic literary world, the artist struggles to make interesting electronic works that are still considered literary and that will not confound or bore the reader.

I also learned that The Man and The Artist can compliment each other. The Man needs The Artist to make his site different from competitors, newer and edgier. And, The Artist needs The Man (even though he has to bend to rule of the corporation) to make money to feed and clothe himself and to develop a profile. Therefore, I have learned these two opposites are frienemies.

This portfolio for EL236 Writing for the Internet will demonstrate the work that I have done and what I have learned between my last portfolio and now.


Coverage: Entries that include quotes from the reading, identify the source, and link to the course web page

Timeliness: Posted on time, if not early

Interaction: Shows my ability to interact (keep a converstation) with peers or blogs with the most comments

Depth: Entries that involve in-depth blogging

Discussion: Places where I've made signifigant comments or sparked discussions


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