Demon Hood

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I went through RedRidinghood again and this time chose the dream sequence. Another window popped open and I sorted through it trying to find the meaning. I couldn't get past the kids in the meat locker and woke red up. I watched the ending sequence again and I think I saw that she either ate the boy or she was pregnant with him or his child in the end. Another man stands over her with something I could not see.

I went to the beginning again and read the "enquiring minds" section. I understood a little more of what I was to find or understand (that this story is trying out unstructured story allowing the reader to choose and it was supposed to have disturbing aspects). I also read the the author description to see if I missed some parts. I did.

And I went through the story again. I found extra links by clicking around and found the girls diary. I flipped through it while trying to pay attention the the ongoing story. I also found another part in the beginning with more links to the idea of creating life. This movie has no dialogue which makes it hard to piece together. I think, perhaps, the girl got pregnant  (maybe was raped) and hates the boy and her life now. Or wonders why it happened to her. Or maybe likes the boy in some twisted way.

While going through it, I also tried the dream sequence again. It had the same ending but different beginning dealing with an angel who I guess didn't save her from what was to happen later. I tried the dreams again and again following different paths and coming up with new scenes, but I still don't quite know what the full story behind this girl is. I only get more interested and agitated as I come across new and confusing scenes and links.



Jed Fetterman said:

That is what I found most surprising about this experience. I was not prepared for the text to get harder and more confusing the deeper you went into it. And I felt that a lot of these works went deliberately over the top; instead of writing this stuff with the reader in mind, the authors tried to make the pieces more confusing. I think that they lost too much of the story because of that.

Aja Hannah said:

I agree with you, Jed. Many of them did seem to lose much of the story, but at least they are all creative in their own way. I would have liked some of them to be less confusing or have an about page that told me the meaning or the stories in the pages so I could clearly go back and understand.

But, maybe its because the author wants us to interpret it how we see fit.

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