How Short?

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In Usability Testing: 8 Quick Tips, I found that I may not of understood just how short to make the test. To me, the 6 questions I asked about the 3 tasks I had them do (excluding pretest and post-test questions) was a quick test. To my testers, it wasn't so quick.

They had to to 12 questions and 6 tasks because they had to do both websites. The football game was on and, really, they felt it was a hassle. Perhaps, my test was too long.

A part of the tips that really did help me though was move beyond just opinion and to tag "why" onto many of the questions. It got a lot of valuable information out of the users like what can be improved on the homepage. If they told me, in passing, that they like National Geographic website better, I would ask why and write down their answer.


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