An Exploration of The Body

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In The Body, Shelly Jackson draws the reader into her world with anecdotes set up in a way that lets the reader focus their attention on what they want to know. First, using a drawing of her body (naked) with hyperlinks leading from in harmless to the most private parts of her body intrigues the reader into surfing all around her site. Even my friend Stephen is intrigued as I switch from writing this blog to her site.

From the homepage, I chose what part of her body I wanted to learn about and found that not only would she describe that part, but she would tell a story about it and in the story link to other parts of her body that the reader may like to continue on. She describes her nails as "chewed ragged" and continues on to to talk about why eating fruits with those ragged nails made her hate everything slimy.

Jackson isn't a celebrity or anyone that I've heard of before, but she tells stories that range from when she was very young like 5 to her thoughts now. Learning these intimate details about a stranger's life is intriguing and perhaps disturbing. (I stumbled on a link that describes her learning to masturbate.)

I find Jackson's commentary on her body also interesting because I've gone through similar childhood discoveries about my body like walking "barefoot e
very day on the neighbor's gravel driveway." Our motivation was the same, but I had never publicized this event. This makes me as the reader want to examine her website closer, to see if we have any more connections, to see if what I did as child was more or less original than anyone's childhood. Her style of creative hypertext effectively draws in the reader to make them surf around her body, if just for a while.


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