Law of Usability

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I find it funny that the third law of usability is "Get rid of half the words on each page, then get rid of half of what's left." This is by Krug himself.

He quotes this at the beginning of Chapter 5 and then soon into the wonderfully short chapter he says he didn't mean it. I understand his purpose and reasons behind this, I just find it amusing.

Moving on to real stuff now. I greatly appreciated how short chapter 4 and 5 were. I never really played 20 questions and I like how the word did not over explain it. It just gave us a link. And, even without the link I understood the need for easy navigation and little words. "Happy talk must die" was so humorous to me.

I was put off by how long the sixth chapter was but pushed on. It had quite a few good ideas about navigation and really pushed how important navigation is to a website. I liked the idea of the Home Page navigation as a "Get out of Jail free" card. Sometimes I really need one when I get into trouble on websites. I also really liked "You Are Here" and I can figure that out how to make a simple version of those on my website. And, I will use the trunk test on my websites (when I really get around to creating them) because, as I looked at the other sites, I had a hard time navigating some and finding all the items.

But, Krug seems partial to Did it get him some kind of endorsment? He makes it sound like the almost perfect website.



Kevin Hinton said:

Sometimes when I write I have the tendency to introduce the subject matter. In websites, we have to break those thoughts. We have to make the websites speak for themselves.

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