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In Electronic Literature Collection  V1, I first viewed Jean-Pierre Balpe ou les Lettres Dérangées. At first, I didn't read the introduction and dove right into the site. I found this quickly was a mistake as I tried to understand why there were flashing letters that I seemed to have no control over. Soon, I went back to the beginning and looked over the objective (to find the right links to learn the French alphabet. I got all the way to the letter Q before I left to look at another link.

I went to I, You, We and looked around for a bit. I thought it was cool, the way I could move the text into a 3D sense. I looked through the entire thing and, of course I founf the "I" because it was right up front, but in my search I took several moments to find a "you" or "we". It wasn't until I realized that there could be more than one "you" and definatly more than one "we" that I found them littered in the background. I liked this because I could create my own sentences and see ones that the author set up for us. I feel there is meaning in the amount and the position of all the words, but at the moment I wanted to see another site.

The next was RedRidinghood and I liked it because it was a visual story I could click on. I followed it all the way through once and there was the option to let riding hood dream but I woke her up instead. I wonder what would happen if I went back. Also, the ending was confusing and I can only see vaguely how feminist perception. I think I will examine this one further.

The last one I visited, carrier (becoming symborg), you typed in your name and had to choices. I chose not to come with this virus and was sent to learn about it in an unconventional way with many popups and finally I was asked and asked again to join until I said yes. I was weirded out by the result. The virus used my name and insinuated weird intimate things that were not sexual but like "sHe is spliced intimiatly with you" and it was odd because I kept reading it as She even though the He part stood out. That made it weirder because I am not normally intimate (by choice) with feminie objects, especially diseases. I left without answering many more questions.


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