The Good and Bad of Our Homepage

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Alex and I received several positive comments about our IF homepage such as the clear, large title, the clear navigation with great use of links, a good color scheme, and it was simple, which goes along with the idea of Don't Make Me Think. This "simple" idea linked to another comment about how they liked that all the text fit on the homepage without having to scroll.

Things we could fix are to change the color of the links because the links were close to the same color as the text. Also, adding more background info would be helpful to anyone who just came across the site. More background info means more links. Last, we got many notes on increasing picture size to fill up some of the blank space and make the layout a little more creative and a little less "Sarah's Notecards."

My reactions to the presentations today were that a lot of the sites had background information and I was a little set off that we did not have that. It seems like a great way to inform the user of our purpose, but at the same time I feel that some had too much background info. This could potentially steer readers away if they have to sift through long messages.

I did really like the website Aero and Jess created because it did look professional. I did not mind the sides though because they complimented the color scheme and old-fashioned idea of IF. I did mind how their font was so small. Many of the websites I saw, I felt had really small text even when it was enlarged. Other fonts I found were very thin and the background ate them up. 

We have one question though. Do we have to make these changes to our website?

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