The Illusion of Yellow Wallpaper

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In The University of Yellow Wallpaper, the main focus of this creative hypertext is buried and hard to discover. In the beginning, the reader may believe that it will take them on a story or a bunch of archived anectodes like The Body or a hypertext novel because it describes itself as a "fictionalized critique of the future perfect." But, as the reader begin to follow the many hypertexts links they find the purpose of point of the website hard to find. Between commentary about mirrors and philosophy using phrases such as "temporal dialectic;" pages dedicated to quotes from many sources such as "Roland Barthes" (who describes something that is lost); and brief intervals of what appears to be a story or anecdotes in no particular order, the reader can become entagled in the navigation web and never truely find the meaning to C. E. White's work.

Many times I lost my way in this website and, despite the amount of time I spent surfing through it, I became bored, still haven't found its meaning, and am generally weirded out by the strangness of what I did read like this: "...and yet it pleases me to know that her taboo message made it through." I have yet to figure our what "it" is that pleases main character or what the message is. Perhaps the idea behind this site is discovery laced with confusion.


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