Whoa, I Heard Jerz Outside of Class...

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When I first started listening, I found the voice was familiar and then I realized that it was Dr. Jerz! Maybe I wasn't paying attention when he said he was the one speaking. It still caught me off gaurd and made listening more interesting.

I found the intro funny and even the description of the first commerical computer game to be interesting. Perhaps if I played it I feel that I could enjoy it and have "fun" like Jerz said it was. It may even help me feel more connected (or better understand to) the early internet, computers, and games.

Now I'm not much of a history buff so listening ot reading historical text can bore me. The links were a helpful distraction. When Scott Adams gave his verbal example, I could see how games that had little memory could get frustrating, but also how they could be fun. I was sad when I found out there were no picture. It would be cool to get pictures even the really bad graphics from things like from Final Fantasy One. However, I also see how pictures could ruin the imagination.

 Online Gaming also seems very fun, but my sister once got an online game and I saw how addicted she got to it. She wouln't go out with friends and shirked her schoolwork. I also played Neopets when I was young and it seriously took me months to wean myself off.

Since then, I've been wary about how much time I have to play online or even computer games and haven't picked up one I knew was easily addicting. I also agree that in some movies and games the violence is taken to the point that is no longer appropriate or fun.

And, that's all I have to say about that.


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