Aja and The Island

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UPDATE: The IP address I used to edit the Wikipedia sites now has a history of vandelism! Both edits were undid at 8:35 and 8:39 this morning by Technopat. At least it wasn't my computer that I used. And, props to Wiki for jumping on those edits so quickly. I thought they wouldn't catch this for a while because they were such obscure topics. Maybe they are becoming more respectable.


At the bottom of the page Aja in the In Popular Culture section I added some info about me. Aja is the name of the Steely Dan album I was named after and I found that the section goes "the Ergs! recorded a song called "Aja" on their EP Jersey's Best Prancers. The song contained the lyrics: "I met a girl named Aja, she said her dad loved Steely Dan. I laughed and asked her if her sister's name was Katy.""

This has actually happened to me so I figure it might have been me. I followed that statement with the comment, "The "girl named Aja" was originally from Laurel, Maryland. She now resides in Greensburg, PA as a student at Seton Hill University. She has no relation to the porn star," which is directly above the comment, "Former porn star Aja took her stage name from the album."

Perhaps that was no significant enough of a subject to warrant attention. The next webpage I messed with or made a "meaningful contribution" to was The Island page, which is a connection of titles (plays, novels, songs, etc.) with the title The Island or similar wording.

On this page, I added my own book The Island to the list of literature. I wrote it a while ago, it's with an agent currently, and I'm hoping it gets published so its not a complete lie. But, there are so many failures in the creative writing business. This was my quote, "The Island (2008 novel), original title to the first novel in the Zarconian series by Aja Hannah." And I realize now there is no page for it as of yet.

So far the community has not reacted. From this experience, I learned that Wikipedia is far more ambiguous than I thought it was. I knew it was subject to change and that people could edit it. I still think that is a positive, but my opinion before has been enforced by the rules (or lack of them) that I have read. Also, I may not find the information I want on Wikipedia or it may take a while to get corrected. One just has to be wary.

For teachers, don't let students quote Wikipedia, but let them use it carefully as a starting point to find information or reliable sources. For fellow students, don't get lazy and quote Wiki ever. It's not bad to use it as a starting point or as a reference when talking to a friend about pop culture. Evaluate the info that you do get and find a reliable source to back-it-up. Remember that teachers will never think it is reliable or academic.


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