Historic Saint Vincent to Modern Seton Hill

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Dinosaur was my topic.

I've looked into Wikipedia's history and edit this page before so it wasn't as much of a shock, but I still wasn't expecting the great amount of changes presented. I am glad I took this class because the words at the bottom or end of each sentence I now recognize as html like "</div>". It may be hard for me to make edits to the page, but at least I have a basic understanding of where to start.

The discussion page was new for me though. I figure the discussion page is more about personal opinion and updated news that hasn't become reliable enough to go into an encyclopedia yet. I was surprised to see that the Dinosaur page was "one of the best articles produced by the Wikipedia community." Because of this, I could not edit the actual article without being an established registered user. I liked that I couldn't edit this page. It showed that Wikipedia has strengthened its rules at least with some articles.

The Saint Vincent page is much more about the history of the College and its traditions than it is about what it does now. The Seton Hill page has a clip about its history in the beginning, but spends most of its page on the different centers, programs, and alumni we have than the history.

I think it is beause its more geared toward the younger people who are likely to visit the Seton Hill page as prospective students. It wants to accomodate them by showing off its finest points about what is has to offer versus what tradtions and history it has (something a prosepective student surfing the web quickly probably won't want to read).

St. Vincent is also much briefer than Seton Hill's site. I think this is because they try to gear it to the older audience that would like to know more about its history than what new programs it has. Perhaps they have enough incoming students. For example, in history on the Saint Vincent page I found a section of text that had been taken out because "Wikipedia is not the news." The left out text was about the stats of the football team's first win in years.

After reading the text, I understood why they took it out (it was news), but I think they should have left some information in about when the St. Vincent had stopped having a team. The little amount of information made me feel confused or left out of the loop about what has happened recently, but I guess this little information conforms to Wikipedia's encyclopedia apporach and I should visit the website or another page for more information. I can't really say much more because I hardly know anything about St. Vincent College.

There was not much discussion or edits that I disagreed with on Seton Hill's page. It just reinforced the idea of not adding news like the new building being built in town and it kept the focus on its programs and looking professional.

I found another sub-section of Wikipedia too called WikiProject. So far I've seen them for Pennsylvania and Spoken Wikipedia. All these sub-sections are confusing, but they do benefit the site. I wonder if they are headed by anyone or just a group of people set out to make changes to better Wikipedia articles on certain topics.


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