Pigs in a Circle

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I enjoyed the end to Krug's book. It was short and sweet, although I don't know if I'd actually ever show those letters to my boss. They're a little too insulting. But, then again, if my boss didn't know it was coming from me, I might use them. He made a good summation/disclaimer about his advice in the end. And the "That's all, folks" reminded me of Porky Pig in his circle, which in turn reminded me of how I've read about pigs recently in several of my classes. Weird.

I actually enjoyed Krug's book so much that I read through parts of the recommended reading and acknowledgements. And, if this space bar was working on this computer, I may have even looked up some sources, but now that someone broke it I'm just going to leave my blog short.



Alex Hull said:

I don't think Krug meant the letters to be used for a note to a boss. It was a new and, once again, interesting way of presenting what he had to tell us. I liked the letters, but I wouldn't use them to send seriously to a boss either.

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