The Very Short Report

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I enjoyed Kevin's and Jess's IF games. They both had plots I could understand and familiar places. Although I didn't play Jess's, I watched Alex play it and was really excited about the sword in the stone. Hopefully, I can play hers sometime later.

As for what I learned about my own, I had a few typos to get fix and I found the design was funky. I ended up taking out one of the borders on the chapters page and both borders on the homepage. Dr. Jerz said it would be better to focus on my writing anyway. I still have the code (hint) if Andrew still wants it. There are some problems with it I don't know how to fix though.

Thanks to Kevin, I was able to fix a broken link. Thanks to Jerz, I was able to link to the middle of pages or a heading in a page instead of the top of page. I've added more information and noticed sometimes the pictures load slowly. I'm pondering over how I can fix this. Anyone?

And, if anyone does look at my website again, any feedback would be helpful (even the positive stuff).

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