Weird Pillar Pictures

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While reading Wikipedia's Key policies, I found it hard to concentrate and find the specific policies. I understood the six basic policies, but there were so many other links on the page that it took my attention away from what I should be learning before I start editing an article. There was so much information, but at the same time there was so little.

Wikipedia doesn't have a lot of rules or so it says. Nevertheless, someone can get punished even if "even if technically no rule has been violated" because there are written and unwritten rules that everyone must follow. Just because it isn't written doesn't mean it is allowed.

For example, I was confused about how a person doesn't "need to read Wikipedia's policies before [they] contribute" so I clicked on the link and it took me to Ignore All Rules. "If a rule prevents you from improving or maintaining Wikipedia, ignore it." This explains why it is so hard to figure out what people can and can't post on Wikipedia and why some people don't take it seriously. It's rules are jumbled up and confusing.

After looking at the Five Pillars, a user can better get the drift of the written laws. They are compacted into five helpful pillars. I think there are some really good rules there that, as long as one reads carefully, will help users from getting blocked like the three-revert rule. At the same time, there are still so many links it is doubtful a user will read all of the rules before editing especially since they have no test to pass before they sign up and start changing.

The best technique for people to use Wikipedia is to watch how Wikipedia is edited and examine the site and its users first so that you understand all the rules and know how to contribute before you actually start editing. From there it's just trial and error and, if you get blocked from editing because you violated a law, just create a new name, learn from your mistake, and keep editing. I don't know all of these rules, but I've watched Wikipedia a lot over the years so I hope I will be able to do well.

I was excited to find there were other Wiki things though like Wikimedia. I have seen a bunch of different Wiki sites, but I didn't know if they were related or if they had been ripped off by other people wanting popular websites. Also, did anyone else think the pillar pictures looked weird?


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