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I'm having problems with the background of Rebellion Run page. I think the pages themselves are fine in style and in writing (unless anyone finds anything).

But, I'd really like suggestions on the background because the green shows up differently on other people's screens and I think the testubes stand out too much, but I couldn't get it to edit on my computer.

Any suggestions?

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Jackie Johns said:

I agree with your feelings on the backgrounds. I'd suggest keeping with the green, but maybe picking a lighter shade that might not appear as different from computer to computer. But as I've learned the hard way, you'll probably never get what you pick out to appear the same on every computer. And that's sometimes a hard pill to swallow, considering all the work you've put in.
As for the test tubes, I like them...but maybe not as a background. Could you just use them as a graphic and have the text float around them? Just a thought...hope it helps!

First of all, I think Laura Tracey is a fine looking girl.

Okay, seriously, I believe if you create or grab some pattern picture from designing website for your background, it would be great.

Try google: background pattern website.


Aja Hannah said:

Thank you for your comments guys!

I agree with Jackie. The test tubes aren't necessarily the best background image for your site.

Also, on your people page, your bullets are very far from the actual text. Maybe this is just Firefox but maybe you could format this differently.

Besides that, I think your background information on the rooms and the characters is very helpful when it comes to reading your hypertext.

Andy Lonigro said:

I agree with everyone's comments Aja. I was looking at your site and realized one very small thing. When I went to your about page there was no easy navigation to get directly by to your homepage. The use could use the back button, but perhaps you want to put a link to your homepage at the bottom of your about page. I know it's a small detail but it just threw me off for a second. Hope your revisions are going well!

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