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So I'm finished my first class Writing for the Internet with Dr. Jerz and it wasn't that bad. It was filled with a lot of work, exceptionally more than my other classes, but I feel that it wasn't as hard as everyone said it would be. I learned a lot of coding html and IF games. I found this part interesting because I love "doing." The first book, Creating a Web Page with HTML, really helped me as I was learning to code things and I still go back to use it as I am finishing the term project

I also loved the book Don't Make Me Think! It helped me to understand the practicality of usability testing not only in my website, but in other work. You can see this in my other blogs. The only thing I really had trouble with is the book Writing for the Web because I felt it was very tedious and outdated. I also do not like to write in a business manner although I do understand the value of learning to write professionally on the internet. It is very different from writing professional papers.

With the skills that I have gained, I think I will be more valuable than other candidates that do not have professional internet writing skills, know code, or know how to usability test. I do not plan to do these things in the future. I'd rather be an author or a magazine journalist, but if I don't/can't get my dream job right away (writing for National Geographic) I find that these skills will help me get a job similar to what I'd like to do.

For an extended example of what we did in this class you can view other classmate's portfolios (link at the bottom) or the second paragraph of Jackie's blog. For my term project, I chose a hypertext fiction and its not finished, but I hope to finish all the touch-ups over the weekend. It's called Rebellion Run and I created the story for my friends and the website for the project.

This is my fourth portfolio and I feel that it will focus on the work that I have done since my third portfolio including mostly blogs about my term project, feedback I recieved from others, and comments or help that I gave to other people for their projects. For progress there were several mandatory steps involved and a couple of blogs I did on my own. 

Here they are from oldest to newest:

Many of my peers and some even outside of class responded to blogs with helpful information. I mention most of my thanks to classmates and friends in my Beta report. They really helped me put the site together and gave me suggestions that I'm still working on.


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