The Final Project

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I love to write stories and I've decided to be an author since I was in fourth grade so when the term project was announced as either an Interactive Fiction game, a hypertext fiction, or a business-style website, I chose the fiction.

Before college started, I'd been in the middle of writing a story called Rebellion Run for some friends of mine. They had been nagging me for ages to write something with them in it and now were nagging me to update, write more, finish the story.

I thought this website would be a great idea to continue the story, put it out there for the world to see, and credit my friends for their inspiration. The story takes place in a kind of alternate universe where children are not only being used as soldiers, but they are being genetically enhanced to be better soldiers. The children, for now, have lived in a laboratory all of their life and know little about their purpose or the outside world until a new "experiment" (as the children are called) is introduced. This new experiment tries several times and succeeds once to escape the lab and educate the other experiments about the outside world.

This idea was working well until I realized I was not going to be able to finish the story in time for term project. That was ok. I just added that problem to the About page of my site. I still plan to keep up with story even though the grading has been finished. I know at least my friends would read it.

As for the rest of the site, it includes links within the story to further information pages like details about the different rooms and characters. The characters page also links to the real people page where my friends names, pictures, and some information is presented. This is to provide extra information or explanation for the curious or new reader. But all the of the extra pages do not need to be clicked on to understand the plot.

I set the website up this way so that the reader will not be discouraged and leave the story. I also have two sets of navigation. On the home page and extra pages, there is horizontal navigation that links to all the extra pages and story page. The other navigation is within the story page (aside from the embedded links). There is vertical navigation on the left side that link to every chapter, the homepage, and the frequently visited characters page.

Changes that I have made since the Beta report:
  • Credited the picture of the background in about page
  • Credited my friends for their pictures and information
  • Upload chapter 6
  • Added contact information to the about page
  • Added blurbs to homepage and tops of extra pages for explanation and attraction
  • Add link to the characters page on the navigation bar of the different chapter pages
I did not have the time to find a way to track the number of people on the page or to add any more changes to the background.

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