Forming of New (Sometimes Bad) Habits

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New Levels of Stress: Anxiety & Depression

College is a time of growing and should be filled with new challenges and friends, but the stress can trigger new responses in a student's body: anxiety and depression

(First tell signs of a real anxiety or depression disorder)

Told from the Eyes of the Students:

What stresses them/Things that set off anxiety attacks, panic attacks, depression episodes

·         Freshman 15

·         Scheduling Classes

·         Work load in classes

·         Hovering Parents

·         Peer Pressure

·         Living away from home

·         Roommates

·         Finals/Midterms/Crunch Time

·         Making new friends

·         Grades and scholarships

·         Fitting in

·         Being undecided

How do they feel about it/Makes them feel

·         Grouchy

·         Want a change or to go home

·         Confused

·         Frustrated

·         Sad

·         Tired

·         Angry

What do they do about it (good and bad?):

·         Yoga

·         Sports

·         Counseling Center

·         Disability Office

·         (Self) Medication

·         Nap/Shower

·         Hobby

·         Procrastination

·         Video games

·         Shop

·         Exercise

·         Breathing Exercises

·         Hang out with friends

·         Dropout

Sidebar: What Seton Hill Can Do For you? Or How SHU responds?

·         Counseling Services

·         Disability Relief

·         Visiting Doctor may prescribe stuff

People I can interview:

·         Any Student (friends or strangers) *Can we make it anonymous quotes?

·         Myself

·         Disability & Counseling services

·         Teachers and their POV working with these students



Jeremy also suggested an article on anxiety. If the two of you coordinate to come up with completely different angles, so that the two articles will complement each other, rather than overlap, I think the story will work.

Anonymous sources are always less credible than named sources. (Let's talk about this in class.)

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