No he di'int!

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"Nobody said it except the copywriter following the consultant rule to 'build emotion.'  What that is, is 'creative writing.'" (pg 1)

As a creative writing major, I take offense. Creative writing does build emotion, but when it is creative nonfiction it doesn't build unrealistic emotion for views or ratings. Creative writing is more than fiction and presenting false images or accounts. The best creative writing pushes people to think and analyze. The "creative writing" on the news should not be called "creative writing." It should be called "inventive, unimaginative, and furious scribbles of a desperate and failing media."

"In fact, most anchors are journalists-turned-actors who are highly paid for their poised images and their studio delivery." (pg 2)




Derek Tickle said:

I like how you said that “creative writing makes people think” because it is true, it does. If a piece of text is written well, then a reader will find emotion in it and enjoy the reading. As for your final statement about "failing media," it seems that the news uses creative writing to their benefit because if they can get emotion from the viewer, then they did a job well done. The anchors always look good and can tell the news report through learned and taught emotion.

Josie Rush said:

Agreed. When I read the "creative writing" parellel, I understood the implication, but I was a bit offended nonetheless. Your alternate definition was right on. The concept of a "failing media" is sadly accurate, because, imho, the news has buit itself into a corner. It depends on advertisements, and therefore must cater to its producers. Attracting viewers is the only way to guarantee it will be around, and yet, with the quality of news it's forced to convey in order to (theoretically) attract viewes, will undoubtedly ensure that fewer and fewer people actually tune in.

Aja Hannah said:

To Derek,

But a lesson is not taught and the emotion is not gained. It's just told. The reporters, anchors, television news tells you how to feel instead of creating the atmosphere. It's not creative at all.

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