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This whole Preliminary chapter, because it was preliminary I guess, is all review of what I learned last year. Although this book has great points, I am not a writer that learns very well by reading what to do. I learn by doing and revising and working towards perfecting my essays. One thing that did help though was that through the chapter, the author consistently used "The Necklace" as the example so I saw how the development worked.



Thanks for your feedback, Aja. Yes, you're somebody who likes to jump in right away, so the how-to stuff up at the front end isn't the most useful for you. But I'm glad you found something useful in the extended examples.

We'll get to the hands-on soon enough.

I felt the same way about this chapter. Now that we've gone further into the book, I still feel like a lot of it is review, but it's not so bad since the chapters are only about 15 pages. The fact that the first chapter was around 60 and that I already knew most of the information made me weary of what was to come. I'm the kind of person who likes to get right to the point of what I'm learning, which I'm guessing you are too, so this first chapter just seemed a bit unnecessary to me.

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