Captain Jack Sparrow

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"In a good work of fiction, nothing is irrelevant or accidental; everything is related and causative (93)." Except with Captain Jack Sparrow.

The "Formal Categories of Structure" section confuses me because I've seen this title several times with different categories. I lost points on a quiz last year because I remembered the categories I was taught in 6th grade rather than the one the teacher taught.

A last thing: I did not understand that illustration on page 102. Help?



Jessie Krehlik said:

I think I remember that quiz...was it in Intro to Lit? I think I lost points too! And yeah, I agree. You'd think they'd have just one standard list of categories, but then they throw in big words like denoument and little ones like crisis that aren't in the *easy* ones we learn in middle school.

As for the drawing, it's the same thing that Dr. Arzen showed us in class last semester, only with a few stick figures. It basically says that rising action continues until you reach the climax, and then the action literally falls....and falls...and then you have the resolution. Hope my analysis of the drawing helped!!

Aja Hannah said:

Oh! That must've been one of those times my brain floated away...Sometimes I stop paying attention. I think I vaugely remember that and that makes sense. I thought it was something else...or more elaborate.

Yes I was talking about Intro to Lit.

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