In the Old Days

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"But in the days before such digital magic, newspaper editors needed a steady supply of filler stories..."

But we aren't in the old days anymore. I've hardly ever seen these stories. The most I ever heard of them were in cartoons that made fun of, or always had, buses falling or bridges collapsing. So I was not surprised to find them to be "humor of journalists."

I read a bit about the cat thing too. That seems just horrible though like cheating or lying. I have too much of a moral code to do that and I might end up chewing out my boss if he chews me out for not lying.

Why are we learning this "minimalist art form" though? Why don't we have more focus on the "digital magic" of today rather than such intense focus on print newspaper.



Katie Vann said:

I agree with you that the bus filler stories seem a little old and out of place since most of our information is online now (and you usually don't need a filler for an online website). However, print news is still a part of our culture and although little stories like these aren't going to change our lives, they kind of created a category all on their own for newspapers (since they are most referred to when it comes to needing a short filler story).

Before this class, I had never heard the term "bus plunge" and had never really noticed these kinds of stories being reported in the news all that often. Of course, I really didn't read the news all that much, and the news that I do get I mainly read on the Internet. I agree that these stories do seem like they're a bit out of date in formats where you don't have to fill up physical chunks of space on a paper. The only times I could see these stories might be useful is when it's just a really really slow news day in general, and the most exciting thing to happen is a bus plunge story. Of course, those kinds of stories can be pretty newsworthy if a large number of people are involved and the accident is pretty serious.

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