Plath is so damn depressing

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Depending on my mood, I somtimes enjoy Plath. Other times she is just so depressing and such a downer. It's just like pick it up girl and go on.

Here's an older blog I wrote about "Daddy" and now to reflect on something else. *eyes closed and points* Metaphors. 237

So I tried to relate this to her downer of not getting pregnant (not something I can relate to yet) and I hard a hard time finding the negativity. You want yeast to rise, you want a fat purse...(Are these all metaphors for pregnancy?) and the only negative tone I found was at the end where she's "boarded the train [and] there's no getting off."

What does everyone else think?


Melissa Schwenk said:

I didn't really think that there was a negative or downer tone to the poem. I think it wasn't intended to be either, which is extremely odd for Plath. However, I think the last line is more of a good thing than a bad thing since she really wants to have a baby. I think the last line is referring to once you start the process you have to keep going.

Josie Rush said:

I read that last line as she's started hoping for a child, or whatever it is she wants, and now she can't stop. I don't know though, I honestly found that particular poem to be a bit over my head. And by "a bit" I mean miles and miles. Though, I've found it does really help to know a little about Plath's life when reading her poetry; then the whole wanting a baby aspect of this poem seemed clearer.

Aja Hannah said:

Your two different interpretations determine the mood and each says its the other way around. I don't know. Maybe starting the process is a bad thing because you can't stop. "You have no choice" seems to be negative, but at the same time a baby would be really positive for Plath then...Then again she did lose the baby/wasn't pregnant so it could be a depressing, vicious cycle poem. I just took the most depressing aspects to look for because she usually writes negative stuff.

Josie Rush said:

You know, I really do see Melissa's point in this. It doesn't seem to be terribly depressing (especially compared to some of her other work). Her images aren't harsh and violent like they sometimes are. She's an "elephant," a "melon strolling" (as opposed to running, bursting...anything more graphic, not as happy and carefree as strolling), there's a "fat purse"... Aja, you were right to point out that all of her images hardly seem negative. Where's the problem with new minted money? I think, to correct my previous comment, that it's not really "sad." Even when she says "I'm a means" it's like that's what she wants, she's happily resigned to being a means for new life. There's no getting off the train could very well be a good thing here.

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