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A lot of this was review so I don't have much to say. "The language of journalism is front-loaded" (297). This reminds me of the extreme version of the inverted pyramid. Putting more and more important information first. The only thing with this is to look out for mistakes or something that can be interpreted wrong. Make sure it's still understandable. ("Comprehensible" is really a better word and it is really explained in the last point of the section.)

 "Omit needless words!" brings up a good point that should be followed, but remember when writing features, profiles, reviews that it is sometimes better (if you can properly do this) to catch the feel of the place or person even if that means adding extra (like the Dr. Suess article).




Cody Naylor said:

Your entry depresses me... first: I LOVE writing great conclusions... but you, Clark, and Scanlon are right in that the most important stuff needs to come first... I guess it's just the English-Major mentality that I've had beaten into me... second: NO NEEDLESS WORDS?! I know it's important to relay the cold, hard facts, but I LOVE words... man, so sad...

Aja Hannah said:

Yeah. There comes a time for words like in analyses where people read the introduction and conclusion mostly so a great one would be there. For newswriting though, it's just a lot different and there are hardly real conclusions.

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