Train Wrecks!

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I lied.

"The bus veered off the road as it tried to take a sharp curve, the Associated Press agency quoted police as saying."

I thought it was interesting that they didn't interview anyone (Because it is a filler/space-waster article) and they actually "quoted" AP who quoted someone else. In this, they don't even seem to have all the facts. Just snippets of information throw together here and there. They don't have a death count either.

"11 missing after a bus skidded off a mountain highway" I thought this second one was more interesting until I realized they went into a river. Duh. That's why they were still missing. This second one had more facts and even quotes. Wonder if it took more time?

Also, you can see the similarities in articles. Tell how many were injured/dead, how/where it happened, follow up information on the people, why it happened, then anything noteworthy like throwing stones.



Greta Carroll said:

Yeah, you’re right, Aja, that first article you looked at was obviously thrown together pretty fast. They had very little information, it was obviously filler. You’re second article was a much better example. I’m finding that the “bus plunge” stories that quote someone seem a lot more believable and real to me. Even in these short articles, the power of a quote becomes clear.

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