The News and I

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How the news and I interact:

If you've noticed a trend, congrats! Most of these things can be found on the internet. Actually, all of the resources that I use for my own entertainment/information come from some sort of internet-based operation (except debates).

Further explanation needed?

Yahoo has a homepage that lists short articles of things that have happened in the world, surverys, research, pop culture, and political. Each page to click on has a picture that sometimes gains my interest. When I click on the link, sometimes I get an article, other times pictures or short films.

The Soup is a TV show that gives me information/makes fun on pop culture, news stations, and anything else that comes on TV. Since I don't have a TV/cable now, I watch clips/excerpts on Hulu.

I write for the Setonian. I don't really read it or the Setonian Online (which I also work with sometimes). Sometimes it irritates me and doesn't have many pictures.

Class debates informs me on further political, educational, popular goings-on in the world, but I am wary of this because it is hearsay that can turn into heresay unless they cite sources.

Kane Show: I used to listen to it on the radio in the mornings on the way to school in MD. I moved to PA for school and now listen to it (sometimes live, sometimes On Demand) on the internet.

I don't really get into the papers or broadcast unless there is something monumental: Michael Jackson's death (in the first few hours, not this shoddy follow up), the Tsunami in the east, 9/11.



Jeanine O'Neal said:

You had an excellent presentation on what news you liked the most. One thing I wanted to note, though, was that some of these news sources you use are not very viable sources. I know someone could argue that neither is any newspaper or television news because it's biased. I just wanted to say, be careful what you believe when you read these news sites.

Aja Hannah said:

Why are my news sources not practical?

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