The News and Them

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Some of the projects my classmates presented were really interesting. I'm glad there also was a variety of media's used to present: Powepoint, videos, essay, poem, cartoon, flyer/short newspaper articles, and blog/verbal. It kept my attention even though some of the information was similar.

A lot of us in the group liked more "popular" or "age appropriate" media/news forms. I put these two phrases in quotes because I want to use them loosely. Not everyone liked the same thing and these phrases are used by the media when explaining why college students/teens don't watch the news on TV or listen to talk radio or read the newspaper.

I also enjoyed our different takes on interactions with the media. Jen had a particularly bad experience because her group was misidentified/quoted while Malcolm wrote a poem about the negative images seen in the news and how it is controlled by advertisers so it doesn't always have the people's best interest.

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