Use the character that God gave ya!

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"look beyond circumstances, actions, apperances, and attempt to determine what these things show about character" (65).

I thought this was particularly helpful because it reminds the reader to pull out and learn from all aspects surronding the character to determine their traits. So often I get stuck in how the character acts in a situation, I forget to wonder if (applied in another circumstance) they would act the same way always. As a writer, developing character is really important to me (it can make or break a story) so this quote is something I wish to understand further.

I also didn't know that you can close read a character rather than just a scene. Maybe now I'll be more active and postive when I have to write papers.



Jessie Krehlik said:

I really liked the depth this chapter went into with character. Although some of it was a review, like you said, I never thought of close reading a character rather than a piece as a whole. This could be essential for us, because like you said, Characters are the center of most stories.

The focus this chapter had on character was especially important to me because it's something I probably don't pay enough attention to. As Jessie said, I've never thought of looking more closely at the character itself instead of just the story overall.

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