You, You, You!

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I liked this section because it's good review and has some points on point of view that writers can use to develop their characters. Aside from this though, there was one part that really interested me.

Second-person point of view is "the least common of the points of view and the most difficult for authors to manage" (82).

I liked reading this part of the section because it wasn't something I knew a lot about. You need a first-person to tell a story in second-person so how does that make it second-person. I guess because the first-person/story-teller wasn't developed very well.

I see how this POV can be told, but for an extended period of time? For a whole story? Am I right in saying fairy tales are told in second-person especially in movies with old men recalling a story. Like Balto. Is this second-person?



Josie Rush said:

I think that the whole movie aspect where someone is recalling an event, would technically start out in second person if the character was addressing the audience, but it's still really first person, if he's talking about himself...So it's more first person with instances of second, I guess.
Wow, that was confusing and thoroughly unhelpful. I'm trying to talk myself through it, too, because your questions were a lot of my own. That was the only qualm I had with this chapter. It said second person was the least common, and then told us virtually nothing about it. Just because it doesn't get used a lot, doesn't mean we don't want to know anything about it.

Aja Hannah said:

Maybe it's not used because no one really knows anything about it or can explain it.

Yeah, because like you said in class, one of my elementary school teachers said, "Yeah, but don't worry about it. People rarely use second person." I also found the first paragraph of the section on second person point of view to be rather difficult to understand. It certainly helped, and I think I could explain second person, but reading it for the first time and trying to recall my 5th grade english class was a bit difficult.

Josie Rush said:

I know, it's almost taboo. Everyone's like, "Second person? Nothing to learn about there. Just forget it exists." Maybe it's this huge conspiracy. The secret they keep from English students everwhere. Being able to successfully use second person is the holy grail of the English discipline, so no one tells anyone else about it; otherwise they might get to the prize first.
Or maybe it really just isn't that popular.
Whatever. My first theory is better.

Melissa Schwenk said:

Doesn't the fact that second person point of view is used less often make it even better when it is done well in a story then? I'm pretty sure the book Cut by Patricia McCormick uses the second person point of view expertly for one of the characters in the story. I really liked the feel it had to the story of you really being a part of what was happening to the main character (since the second person pov was not the main character).

Josie Rush said:

Ah, you're right. In that book, wasn't the 2nd person pov the counselor? good find.

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