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I'm not going to bash The Harvard Crimson especially since they have a better website than we do. Here are some things I noticed (positive and negative):

  • The site was text heavy
  • Some pictures in slide were repeated at the bottom of the page if you scrolled down
  • They had a slide show
  • They "above the fold" part was done very well
  • The "below the fold" was mostly short links
  • It's constantly updated
  • Many time more than one person is in the byline
  • Their use of color pulls you to believe some things are links (like the time)

I wonder how they are able to do all these things (a bigger staff? a bigger lab? more funding? more dedication? different programs? bigger school?). The real question though is: "What the Setonian Online can feasibly take and apply?" I mean just look at Seton Hall's Setonian. There's no way ours is even on the radar.



I think it's pretty apparent that the Crimson has a big staff; I don't think they could maintain such an intricate website if it were being run by a small group of people. As you pointed out, the Crimson has enough people to even assign more than one person to write an article. I think it's definitely an advantage to have a website that's being handled by a large group of people because it can be constantly updated. Unlike many college papers, you can get up-to-date information that in some instances is only a couple of hours old. This keeps the information exciting and made me want to read it more. The only problem with the constant updates was there were so many stories I had some difficulty deciding what to read. I think the biggest issue with this site is that it's kind of busy and cluttered and draws your attention in too many different directions all at the same time.

Aja Hannah said:

I also thought it was cluttered. I liked the white space of the other online paper after I saw Harvard's. Still, these two seemed to be the extremes. A lot of clutter, a lot of white space. I'd like the Setonian Online to find a balance. Right now, we lean toward the white space.

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