Columns do what?

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"Reporters too often seemed to seek out the most extreme views and ignored the broad middle, where most opinion resides and where decisions typically are made" (49).

This actually reminds me of a blog I wrote earlier titled: Want Pot? Get a prescription. Commentators and I talked about the effects of using opposing arguments and how some papers can use the extreme to their advantage. This is also similar to the story Dr. Jerz told us about the few protesters out of a hundred or so that put up a fight when the police asked them to disperse.

Another thing I found interesting was that Haiman was saying columns aren't supposed to express opinions. I'm confused. I thought that was what they did like "Ask Abby/Amy" who gives advice to people that write in. Does this mean they didn't want political bias/opinions to seep in? And how are these people different from reporters? How are they more qualified to give advice? Are they psychologists? We aren't supposed to know who they are so they may not even be a journalist or objective party especially when they talk about personal problems.

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Jessie Krehlik said:

I'm confused about the columns too. But, I guess if you write a positive column or editorial, it doesn't really need to have real opinion in it. You're supposed to include both sides of the story anyway, right? And if you're complaining about a problem, you're supposed to find a solution and suggest it in the column.

Aja Hannah said:

But if it's like an advice problem and some girl is pregnant and asks you for advice (and you run this piece) it would be hard to give her (conclusive) advice without being biased.

Jessie Krehlik said:

I agree. I think we're taking this too literally though. Although some rules in journalism are very strict, I feel like this one is slightly bendable. It really depends on the story and the writer.

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