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So I found that Intramural sports have actually been written a lot about by the Setonian, but not lately.

This article takes place in 04. Interesting, because there seems to be a similar problem still going on with the sports.

An article just about intramural basketball was in 06. I could research the improvement into a real team possibly and if it really worked.

Another 06 article talks about how the teams are pressed to find time and places to practice in the gym. Another school had a similar problem and wrote an editorial about it.

Interesting article about the return of sports on another campus after 70 years.

I think the lack of information about intramural sports/club sports on the Seton Hill main page, athletics page, Griffin's Lair, and GriffinGate really says something about the visibility of the sports. Currently, we offer only three competitive intramural sports (Flag football, sand volleyball, and ultimate Frisbee) and a lot noncompetitve activities.

Many of the websites listing SHU's intramural activities were outdated. Other student papers wrote about the lack of space for intramural sports, but that isn't the problem here.

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