Iron that Irony

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In Roberts "Writng About Literature" (Ch 11), his setup and descriptions of irony really work for me. A lot of the time I have problems figuring out irony and understanding it especially double entendre's that have sexual meanings. Then again, I'm quite innocent in mind and I forget/don't know these things.

I have a question though what kind of irony is in "The Necklace" when she finds out it was fake. Is that irony? Situational?

Humor is funny (golly, you think?) in that we laugh at people's misfortune. I love hearing comedians talk about their relationship problems or fights, but during those fights those couples (including myself) it is the farest from fun. The same when watching people fall down slides or something. That could really hurt someone as long as it's not us. "Safety and/or good will prevents harm and insures laughter" (167).


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