Journalists and West Virginia

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Well, I'm a journalist (kind of) and I have a different outlook on W. Virginia than J. does.

"Now the road dives between peaks, past towns...The speckling of quiet houses and rusted trucks draws itself from the much and develops culture and evolves into strip malls, bright knots of gas stations and fast food outlets, before collapsing again into a barbarism of shacks and rusted trucks" (20).

This is a very not glorious version of life around rural W. Virginia, but it's accurate. When my grandfather was alive we frequented the area. I'm not from the city, but I am from suburbia and I could see how it was more "country bumpkin." At the same time, in suburban MD we had exits for towns that were so small it's hard to even call them towns.

I'm also one for the beauty of nature. At least, J. knows that he is jaded by the city.

After Jerz explained in class that many people didn't think of John Henry as a hero anymore, J.'s coldness to the region, his bias, and the differences in the prolouge make a lot more sense.


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