Lucky 13

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I love music, but wow this chapter was long. That's probably why it took me so long to blog. Music is the greatest kind of poetry for me. The instruments (whatever they may be) add something even greater to the experience, leave emotion and feeling undiscovered. The sounds of the voice, phonetics, vowels, rhythm, and consonants are still there, but there is still much more.

"Words describing smooth or jarring sounds, particularly those resulting from consonants, are euphony and cacophony" (193).

Wow! I knew there were words that sounded good or bad to me. I could never actually put this idea into words though. I'm glad a textbook finally verified this for me. When I write, in an area of tension, I like to include the "percussive and choppy sounds" to add to the tension.

This actually reminds me of names and how hard names can be (not always) connected with harder people like Cain versus Abel.



I never knew that good sounds and bad sounds had official names either. This chapter really helped me in understanding that.

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