New Cars and Twilight Stars

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The online New York Times section on New Cars came as a surprise to me. It seemed like an advertisement more than an article because the pictures shown would be like ones that appear in a TV segment. Only there wasn't some information crowded onto the screen about where to purchase it. It also reminded me of the Auto section of a newspaper. I think this is a visually pleasing, updated way to present an old bit of information.

Though I don't know much about Markets and stock, the page was interesting because it was up to the minute. It changed as soon as there was a change to report.

And since we all know about Twilight, I decided to look at this article that combined text, hyper links, and video. If you get bored by the article or want to check out information, it's just one click away. It even had a link to an old movie "Into the Wild" that Kristin Stewart was in.

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