Skepticism versus Closed-minded

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"'The hardest thing to do is to persuade a reporter that there simply is no big story here.' He said he was fully aware that politicians and others caught in embarrassing situations often resort to protesting that there is no story" (Haiman 57).

Journalists are supposed to be skeptical and I guess they get pulled into it. They get closed-minded, but I also feel some politicians/big business people just hate to get questioned.

I've been getting that lately with an article I'm investigating. I'm not going to go into details, but people keep telling me it shouldn't be a story and there is no story. Then, I tell them what I think and where the story is and they admit that "yea, there really is a story" except there is just part of it they don't want me to expose/go into depth/they feel it's private.

Maybe there is no big story, but there is a story. Framing is wrong, but it is also how we are guided to write (perhaps not outright). Write about the controversy because that's news so maybe make it a controversy.


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