Writing About Lit Portfolio 3

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Writing About Literature class is three quarters of the way done. This portfolio will demonstrates the skills I have learned in class and out of class between the last portfolio and this one. This portfolio will also demonstrate the conversations/debates I have generated about the texts in depth and in brief. I will be putting up a a couple of blogs for each section that demonstrate these skills: Coverage, Depth, Interaction, Discussions, Timliness, Xenoblogging, and Wildcards.

To see the definition for these sections, see this blog of Dr. Jerz's. This is where you can see other students' portfolios.

Coverage - Old to recent, all the work I've done with exception of wildcards below

Depth - Longer work, goes in detail, links to other internet sources, personal anecdotes, little comments because of how informative

Interaction - where I commented/disagreed on my own blogs (I didn't get many moving comments this portfolio so I didn't respond a lot.)

Discussions - blogs that got many comments, productive discussion

Timeliness - posted early by one or two days, some got comments (See interaction and discussions for on time blogs that received more comments.)

Xenoblogging - my comments on other blogs. I did not split it up so, if you're interested, click the links and see to which catergory it applies.

Wildcard - extra blogs I did for class

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