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"When we nominalize nominalize, we create the nominalization nominalization" (29).

I understand this concept, and maybe everyone else knows, but I still didn't understand nominalization (mostly because I don't understand nominalize) until I looked it up.

Nominalize - to convert into a noun

All I could think was the internet version of the meaning "nom". The way I would express nominalization is "to noun" something. The reverse is then "to verb" which I use frequently as in "I just verbed a noun".

During this whole section, I started to get the idea that the book spoke about active versus passive voice. The way many of the examples were changed made them seem stronger and used more "active" verbs. Were the sentences then in passive to begin with? Is that what this chapter is about? Or is nominalization seperate from passive voice?

SIDENOTE: On page 32, "We need not" sounded a little old fashioned to me. I agree that it is better than "There is no need" but couldn't it be changed to "We don't (do not) need" instead?

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I love the om nom nom nom meme, but had never connected it to nominalization. I got a good chuckle out of this.

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